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All student personal informations, contact infos, licence, ratings, medical, expiration dates. Store copies of student documents.(paperless files). Assign aircraft and instructors. Student can see (not edit) all own informations, courses etc...


All Instructors personal informations, contact infos, licence, ratings, medical, expiration dates. Store copies of instructors documents.(paperless files).Instructors can view and edit assigned Student


Create your own Theory and Flight course syllabus and lesson plans (or use existing shared by Flight Hub), Assign course syllabus to each individual student file. Upload and include in each lesson the related documents (books and documents). Share with students and instructors …


At the end of each lesson, grade the lesson, set comments and recommandations for next lesson. Lesson will be marked as completed. With one email, send the lesson grading to student (instructor auto copy), reading and viewing material will automaticely be attached, and show the training progress. …


When grading / evaluation the lesson and all flight infos in one screen, an automatic detailled training logbook will keep all training infos such as dual/ solo/ X-country etc... …


Scheduling is fully integrated in the system. Set if you want, the instructors avaibility in instructors profile. Book student and instructor on the aircraft. Booking will be rejected if pilots ratings are overdue and/or if aircraft maintenance is overdue....Confirmation mails are sended to student, instructors and school admin. …


Detailled aircraft maintenance follow-up (full aircraft cardex) and other important items such as insurance, annual etc... Including also an Aircraft Defect reporting system by students/pilots/instructors or staff, with aircraft grounding function… This can also perfectly be used by maintenance facilities. You as school will never be surprised of coming maintenance or major components change.

INVOICING and Activity Reports

With our integrated and extended PRO Schedule system, you have automatic student invoicing, Instructor fees included, Instructor charges to pay, any other inventory items invoiced, Aircraft owners cost, etc .... …


Our system includes aMass Mail feature. Above the mail function to individual students or instructors, we have also integrated a MASS MAIL function to students/pilots or to the staff. Imagine what you can reach with this… Share also IF AS MANAGER, YOU WANT, most of the information with others on-line. All documents and report available in PDF for easy print and mail


We offer FREE permanent online support, including start setup of your company.…


In addition, you will also get the following:-

  • FREE demo on-line
  • FREE assistance for setup of your school
  • FREE access on our VORTEXLOG.COM elogbook
  • FREE courses syllabi for most current FAA and EASA training modules and others shared by us.
  • FREE Your Personal own logo.
  • FREE Unlimited upload documents (licence, medical copies, books and courses, Aircraft Manuals etc...) for paperless files.

All of these features For a lot less than you would expect...

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